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What is the Superior Phase Converter?

It is a high quality electrical rotating transformer that produces three phase power when single phase is only available. It manufacturers effecient and convenient three phase power and saves you from the hight expense of utility supplied three phase power.
How does Superior Phase Converters compare with utility three phase?

Performance of electric motors hooked to Superior Phase Converters compares very favorably to three phase power. Locked rotor, full load torque, breakdown torque and full horse power development are achieved as if connected to three phase.

Are all phase converters constructed equally?
No! In general, some units on the market are badly unbalanced with all electrical capacity loaded up on one phase of the internal winding. This generates excessive overheating and often leads to converter failure. Another consumer objection is the high amount of noise generated from this method of construction.
Does Superior Phase balance every unit?
Yes! Our manufacturing attention is very detailed. Every unit is balanced by our technical staff resulting in outstanding performance for you the consumer. Our units have a very favorable reputation for running cool and quiet. This makes us very unique in the industry.
Is there a warranty?
Yes! Our new units have a one(1) year warranty on both the rotary and the control panel.
What are some of the applications Superior Phase Converters run?
Machine shops, Small factories, Elevators, Compressors, Sawmills, Hoists, Pumps, Farms, Fire Sirens, CNC machines, Woodworking shops, Computers, Irrigation, Sewage plants, and Welders
Should Superior Phase Converters be started first?

Yes! When Superior Phase Converters are running, you may start and stop motors without any limitations or sequences.

How is the correct Superior Phase Converter determined?
Each model is rated in HP with given parameters. As a rule we size by the largest motor and total HP of smaller motors to be operated. Once this information is obtained a sizing selection may be made. Other considerations are type of application, as various equipment operates differently. In short, it is best to consult one of our factory engineers as to your individual needs.
What is the life span of Superior Phase Converters?

Typically Superior Phase Converters will out last the equipment that it operates. The converter is designed to run continuously at low amperage, so it stays cool. You can expect many years of trouble free service from our units.

Is it expensive to operate Superior Phase Converters?

No! Energy savings is the heart of our design. Our customers often tell us that they leave Roto-Master running during lunch hours and other periods of work stoppage, without a noticeable increase in their electric bill.

Can Superior Phase Converters idle at no load without overheating?

Yes! Balancing the current on each winding allows this. Since some models on the market are unbalanced, you will need to constantly start and stop the unit to prevent overheating, resulting in additional power consumption and inconvenience.

Does Superior Phase Converters require excessive consumption of power to start?

No! Balanced converters start instantly as power is generated on each phase, resulting in low inrush amperage. Some converters on the market use only one phase of the converter winding, resulting in longer starting time and high current draw on the utility lines. This often results in power drops and flickering for the customers and the utility companies. The Roto-Master starts in approximately 2-3 seconds.

What size should my electric service be?

This will depend upon your total HP that runs at one time. Add all three phase current (amperage) and multiply by 2.15 to convert to single phase, this allows for service size, wiring, etc. Our engineers are available to help you determine your service needs.

Are Superior Phase Converters difficult to install?

No! It is among the easiest to install because we incorporate a terminal block connector inside our pre-wired control panel for added convenience.

We recommend that installation be performed by a LICENSED ELECTRICIAN. All local rules and codes should be followed.
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